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legalzoom, Inc. is an online legal technology company that helps its customers create an array of legal documents without having to hire a lawyer. Available documents include wills and living trusts, business formation documents, copyright registrations, and trademark applications.

My Roles

Research, Wireframes, User Testing


Redesign the Incorporation overview page to create a new experience for customers. Provide clean and clear document details, along with calls to action for customers who are ready to work on their business formation. Utilize LegalZoom’s design system to stay on brand.



To better understand the scope of the project I had to take a look at the legacy page. I utilized Quantum Metrics to watch videos of current users interacting with the page. From there I was able to see where users were dropped off, their pain points, and any other issues they came across.

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I worked with the marketing team to find out who the competitors were and took inspiration from their overview page. I wanted to see what they were doing, what patterns arised, the pros, the cons, and the story. What were they doing that was working and what could be fixed. This gave me a clear idea of how to approach our overview page. I then took inspiration from other websites. I seeked out those that had a clean, seamless experience that I would be able to utilize in the redesign.



From what I gathered from the research, I was ready to begin the design process. First came the sketches simply with pen and paper, next low fidelity wireframes that I created in Sketch. I wanted to play around with placement, layouts, copy and icons. I then presented the multiple iterations that I created to my director and lead UX designers and settled on two different designs. I then created a high fidelity version of those wireframes and created a prototype on Invision.



Once I got a working prototype, I was able to start user-testing. I used to create remote, unmoderated tests to see how participants interacted with the design of the wireframes. We tested about six participants all of whom were starting a business in the next 6-12 months and were forming an incorporation for their business. The feedback was mostly positive and we were able to learn about what revisions needed to be done. View Prototype

userflow sketch
Steve S.
  • "Yes. I am familiar with LegalZoom. Also, listing the star ratings, testimonials and publications helps to bring credibility to the company."
Matilda H.
  • "I would move the video closer to the top, where there is an invitation to watch their video anyway. It seems like misused space to me."
Henry D.
  • "I would be skeptical, but I would be willing to try seek more information on the page. Seeing more reviews and seeing more examples of the corporations it has helped (particularly ones I can google and verify) would help build my trust. It would be even better if the testimonials had links to their customers' websites."


what I learned

This was the first real project that I was a part of and it was a great journey from ideation to execution. I am grateful for the many mentors and directors who helped me succeed in this project. I properly learned how to research competitors to figure out how to not only differentiate ourselves, but be better. I picked up a new layer of empathy in understanding who are customers were and how to properly set my mindset to fit theirs. Understanding Quantum Metrics was an amazing tool I put in my toolbelt, I saw how useful it can be to see real live customers purchase products on the site. This first project allowed me to do my first practical user tests, from there I learned the details of how to screen and recruit the right participants. However, in the larger picture I learned how to project manage. Whether it be speaking with other visual designers to break down wireframes or collaborating with copywriters to make sure the message got across, I learned how to be a contributing member to a great team.